SAS Programming Language

SAS Programming Language



In 1966, the development of SAS had started by Anthony Barr. The National Institute of Health funded the project and was intended to improve crop yields by analyzing the agricultural data. The software’s statistical routines were developed by James Goodnight who joined Barr and both became the project leaders. The new multiple regression and analysis of variance routines were integrated by Barr and Goodnight in 1968. The funding of the project was lost after first release of SAS in 1972. To complement Base SAS, number of components are released by SAS in 1980s and 1990s. The Text Miner software was released in 2002 that analyzes text data. SAS version 9.0 was released in 2004. Project Unity was announced in 2008 that was designed to integrate data quality, data integration and master data management. Enterprise Miner 7.1 was released by company in 2011. Several new products were announced by the company at the 2015 SAS Global Forum. ¬†


What is SAS?

Statistical Analysis System, abbreviated as SAS, is developed by SAS Institute to provide advanced analytics, multivariate analyses, business intelligence, data management, and predictive analytics. It is a software suite that uses a variety of sources to mine, alter, manage and retrieve data and to perform statistical analysis on it. To retrieve and manipulate data, DATA steps are used by SAS program and to analyze the data, PROC steps are used. A series of statements is consisted in each step.


Who uses SAS?

  1. HDFC
  2. SBI
  3. Google
  4. Facebook
  5. Twitter
  6. Netflix
  7. Accenture
  8. SAS
  9. Dell Advanced Analytics
  10. RBS


What it is used for?

  1. To analyze data
  2. To retrieve and manipulate data
  3. To manage data
  4. To integrate data quality, data integration and master data management


  1. Reduced development time
  2. Controls the costs of data integration
  3. Increases returns on existing IT investments
  4. Reusable, easily modified
  5. Embedded data quality processing


Average salary

In USA, average income of a typical SAS developer is $77,904 per year.



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