Reiki Level I, II and Master Certification | Energy Healing by Melissa Crowhurst at Udemy

Reiki Level I, II and Master Certification | Energy Healing

Become a Certified Usui Reiki Practitioner | Heal Yourself, Family, Friends, Clients, Pets and More with Energy Healing!

Full course available here

Course Introduction
Chapter 1. The Basics | Reiki Level 1
Chapter 2. Feeling Reiki |Reiki Level 1 continued
Chapter 3. Preparation | Reiki Level 1 continued
Reiki Level 1 | Wrap Up
Chapter 4. The Symbols | Reiki Level 2 + Master
Chapter 5. Chakras
Chapter 6: Get Ready
Chapter 7: Attunements
Chapter 8: Distance Attunements
Chapter 9: Other Attunements
Reiki Level 2 & Master Wrap Up
Chapter 10: Crystals & Reiki
Chapter 11: Spiritual Growth
Chapter 12: Starting a Reiki business
Chapter 13: Small But Important Print!
Chapter 14: Certification
Chapter 15: Namaste


I really enjoyed taking the Reiki course. I have learned to so much. I am excited to put my knowledge to work. I recommend this course

Joel Mayen

Excellent heartfelt straight forward course! Melissa is very good at explaining reiki energy, which can be seen in her eyes and flow. This one is highly recommended.

Charles Hill


Why need a free torrent download when this course is available at best deal i.e nearly for free where you will be able to download all the videos


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